Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Films on the Cross Trainer #2

Today: a second endurance session at the gym incorporating films from Youtube, which is available on the Technogym cross trainer. This time I found prison drama and biopic Bronson, with Tom Hardy in the title role as Britain's most notorious prisoner.

Hardy is superb and personifies the directionless nutter quite well. The plot is a little like the character, though: not necessarily going anywhere, but at least it's succinct and moves from one bizarre set-piece to another (greased-up guard-wrestling, to robberies, to pit-fighting). Nicholas Winding Refn's direction is spot-on, and entertainingly creative.

During the 93 minute film I burned 827 Kcals, and cross-trained 4.68Km. A much shorter and more enjoyable task than my first attempt.

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