Monday, 18 January 2016

Prospective Mondays

Fucking hell, man. It's only Monday afternoon and it's all gone off already. I can't give you any info about the Party People group as one of the organisers has just blocked me. Why? Because I criticised them in yesterday's post

Their response?

"Maybe you should talk to my face? rather than prancing on the internet. Another thing, perhaps social graces would be better proved if you're invited. Anyhoot, better you stay home next. Blocked - childish little man. Xx"

I'm not entirely sure how they found the post in the first place as I hadn't linked it to the Meetup event page. I did, however, write up a previous event to the opening of Sankeys Warehouse back in October. I had linked that to the Meetup event page. The next time I saw the organiser they complained that I'd not mentioned them or thanked them in the blog post. Bizarre. My only assumption is that they've been an avid reader of my work since then.

Violins. I've met a good group of people through his group and we no longer need the meetup to have nights out. There are always other meetups and other groups to attend if you're using / fancy using Meetup, or if I fancy.

For instance, there's the Manchester Filmmakers Meetup on Monday. I joined them on Friday just gone as I have a few script ideas I wanted to show them. They're meeting in The Moon Under the Water, which is unfortunately on my blacklist.

Thursday: After Work Drinks are going to Slug and Lettuce at Albert Square, a venue I recommend. Nice and smart without being too posh.

Other meetup groups you might want to check are Vicky's Social Nights Out and Manchester Socialising. Both have city-wide events to get involved with.

In other news, Garage DJ Wookie is performing a set at Sankeys on Saturday. His 2000 track Battle takes me right back to the garage hour in Ashton's Love Shack (AKA Shitshack).

I'd love to be at Sankeys but I'll be at Writers Connect the next day and I need to be sharp. I need your feedback on the second thousand words of my screenplay. The advice and opinions I've received so far have been brilliantly helpful. I've also got an idea for writing homework exercise which I might suggest...

If anyone has any, uh, OTHER feedback, Tweet me...

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