Monday, 4 January 2016

Prospective Mondays

Not everyone wants to stay in now the Christmas period is over. Manchester will inevitably be quiet on the bar scene, but Meetup will still be bustling with events.

Monday: Stockport folks can get fit at Vernon Park with the Bootcamp group. First week is free!

Tuesday: Urmston types should get into badminton: it's one of the fastest, most reflexive sports going. 

Wednesday: Ever wanted to improve your public speaking skills? Presenting to a crowd is nerve-racking for most people, and we'll all probably have to do it at some point. Didsbury Speakers assist people with exactly this field, offering example speakers, opportunities to practice, critiques and leadership training. It sounds fantastic- I'd love for somebody to guest post about this for me.

Thursday: Indoor climbing in Stockport with the Walking group? Why do it outside where it's cold? And why not meet people while you're getting your Stallone-in-Cliffhanger on?

Friday: Start the new year positively with a free talk from the Feel Good Personal Development group. Guest blogger required for this! Get involved! Email

Saturday: The First Saturday Night Drinks of 2015 with Young Professionals in Manchester will take place in the Soviet-themed Kosmonaut bar in the Northern Quarter. I've been to the venue once before: it's not quite like other bars. You'll feel what I mean.

Sunday: if you're not out late the night before I'd appreciate your feedback at Writers Connect. I'll be asking for advice on the first 1000 words of a feature-length screenplay about a graduate recruited into a terrorist faction. 1pm in Nexus in the Northern Quarter.

There's plenty more on Meetup if you rummage around.

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