Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Films on the Cross Trainer #3

These films are getting shorter all the time. I should have done them in reverse order really. This time I checked out low-budget action comedy Kung Fury, a kitsch mashup of every 80s action reference you could possibly think of written, directed by, and starring David Sandberg (who bears more than a striking resemblance to a 1980s Charlie Sheen).

Martial artist cop Kung Fury is sent back in time to defeat evil kung fu champion Adolf Hitler, where he teams up with Viking gods and dinosaurs. Your typical kitchen-sink drama, then. Great fun, entertainingly dumb and hilarious in parts.

I spent 31 minutes watching it on the cross trainer, burning 7.4kcal, and traveling 1.48km. The next film should be a little longer I think!

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